Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fragility of Life

I always hear people say, life is fragile. Appreciate what you have around you. It never came across my mind til recently where one of my relatives passed away due to a road accident. It was totally unexpected and a sudden death, kept us thinking how surreal this is. No symptoms, no last words, no signs, nothing and they can just go off like that. So love those who are around you, you will never know when it is too late and live the day as if it is your last. Difficult but you will live with no regrets.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ministry of Food (MOF) - My Izakaya @ Bugis Junction, Singapore

Chanced upon this outlet during one of the walks around Bugis Junction. I have tried MOF in Malaysia before but that outlet only serves dessert and some light sandwiches. No full Japanese fare. The MOF here in Singapore actually serves full Japanese meals including desserts! I have always heard about how good Japanese food is in Singapore compared to Malaysia and took this opportunity to try it out myself.

MOF from Downstairs

We arrived there pretty early, before 7pm and the place is already nearly full. So do try to come early so that you get a place. Noticed something cute, they actually have a menu underneath each seating area.

The Interior

The green tea that they serve is kept in a pot and constantly heated by tea lights.

Green Tea

The tofu avocado salad tastes excellent. Delicious cubes of tofu, avocado, tomatoes, crispy roasted almond slices and an excellent light wasabe-mayo dressing which is out of this world. One of the better salads I have ever tried.

Tofu Avocado Salad

The Unagi with Rice was excellent. The fish is fresh and well marinated. Rice was just nice and warm.

Unagi with Rice

The Udon Set comes with a small bowl of Udon in Soup, five Sashimi pieces and tempura. The sashimi pieces are really fresh. Tempura pieces were just alright. Udon with broth tasted nice and feels like comfort food.

Tempura Udon Set

After the meal, they actually gave us a complimentary coffee voucher. You can actually redeem it on the spot. The coffee, just mediocre.
Complimentary Coffee

Definitely a great experience here. If I have the chance, I would come here again to try their onigiri :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Coffee Connoisseur @ Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

I have always liked hanging out at nice and comfortable coffee places. Staying along Bencoleen Street during my short training stint, conveniently there was a TCC about 5 minutes away. I have had my share of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans back in KL. However, we do not have TCC in Malaysia.

The Ambiance

One of the Interior Deco - A Coffee Maker!

Lights - It looks like a glass turned over

Nice Wall Art

Artistic Sculpture
I have been there twice during my weeklong stay. Once for breakfast and another time for supper. For breakfast, I had the American Breakfast Scrambled Eggs Set that includes a cup of coffee and orange juice. The tomatoes that came with the set was really delicious. It does not taste sour, in fact it tastes sweet! We were given a piece of toast, sausage, a small side salad lightly dressed, a piece of ham and scrambled eggs.

The Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Set

Orange Juice

Feeling a bit peckish at night, we decided to go for cake and coffee. Decided upon Mont Blanc. Sounds exotic eh? Well it's actually chestnut cake. There were chestnut pieces embedded in the cake and a whole chestnut in the inside center of the cake. Basically, it has a lot of chestnut cream as well and I find it on the overwhelming side. Too sweet for my tastebuds.

Mont Blanc

The coffee is a little bitter to my taste. Apparently, this is the case for coffees in Singapore (according to someone who has been staying there for years). The ambiance is excellent. It is not crowded and have interesting art pieces to gawk at. One section in fact, had bean bags strewn all over for you to get cosy with and wooden flooring.

For KLites who ever go over to Singapore, instead of going for the usual Starbucks, do give this a try!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

McDonalds' McGriddle @ Singapore

A breakfast sandwich from McDonald's, McGriddles are pretty tasty. It is not available in Malaysia yet - it took quite a while for the Hot Cakes to come. Based on the link of McGriddle, the sandwich apparently packs a lot of calories. Yikes! However, it is also tasty as the pancake that sandwiches the meat patty is really warm, light and fluffy. Comparable to pancakes but fluffier! On it, a big trademark M is embossed on the top patty.

McGriddle with Sausage and Egg!

How I wish this would be available in Malaysia! It would be a great addition to the current breakfast menu.