Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Pangkor Island

Love staying at the sea front resorts where you can enjoy the sun rise, the waves, the sun set, the crystal clear blue waters and many more!

The are surrounding the beach resort is dotted with large trees that provide shade from the hot sun.

We stayed at the Garden Wing, if not mistaken is the cheapest room but even then, it is really nice. There is even a balcony and in the morning when you look out of the window, you can see some hornbills perched on the trees just outside the room. Nice!

The Room

Four Wall Poster Bed looks really inviting :) Disposable slippers are provided and the room was really comfortable.

The Bed

The toilet have a bathtub and so you can enjoy a dip in there after all day activities.

The Bathroom

Night View of the Resort

The Doorway

The only thing that I did not like about the room is that it is located very far off from the lobby and


Friday, September 24, 2010

Salad Bar @ Damansara Uptown

Salad Bar is situated in Damansara Uptown along the same row as the police station and next to Darabif Burger. You can choose to make your own salad or choose from a few types of salad or spaghetti or sandwiches.

The place looks bright, clean and cheery. Fresh in my opinion and so you can imagine the freshness of the food here :p

They even have interesting information on their menu where they state the ingredients and its benefits :)

Soup of the Day (RM 3) served that day was broccoli soup. The soup was thick and chunky but was a little bit tasteless and "greeny". A bit of salt and pepper would make it taste better but definitely healthy. It came with a small bowl of crunchy croƻtons.

Broccoli Soup

Old Granny Ceasar (RM 11.90) was pretty alright and the size is substantial and it is served in Italian dressing. It has grilled chicken, boiled egg and cheese for a more "protein enriched" salad. This is pretty good in my opinion. Wasn't too "greeny" for us meat eaters :p

Old Granny Ceasar

The Fruity Nuthouse (RM 11.90) and as the name implies, it has loads of fruits (starfruit, honeydew, apples) and nuts (almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds) in it, dressed in Sweet Plum (tastes tangy). Chewing them can be a little tiring for the jaw. And it is vegetarian friendly :p

Fruity Nuthouse

The Carrot Orange (RM 6) was just ok but fresh :)

Carrot Orange

There is a government tax 5% but no service charge! Definitely a place for healthy and light eating :)

No 41 Jalan SS21/60
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7722 1742

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Apartment @ The Curve Damansara

Love places where you can just sit back and relax. Bask in a cosy environment and seats! Yes, I am talking about The Apartment! The apartment have a seating area called the bed, where ermm the chairs are really a bed! Do make a reservation for these seats as they are limited and it’s well worth the effort. The decorations are fashioned into well, an apartment.

Ordered a portion of tapas of Portobello Mushrooms (RM22.90) topped with pesto, garlic and pine nuts. The earthly taste of the mushrooms is a favourite but one could do better with the marinade and it could have been more fragrant.

Portobello Mushrooms

One of my favourite at The Apartment is the Duck and Mango Salad (RM19.90). Generous portions of well marinated shredded duck are equal to the amount of spring onions, some herbs and some shredded mango in spicy light dressing. Simply tasty.

Duck and Mango Salad

Squid Lychee and Chili Jam (RM 17.90) was just ok as I do find that the rocket leaves taste a little bitter.

Squid Lychee with Chili Jam

Jamie's Duck Paste is a tomato based spaghetti with generous shredded duck. The portions are pretty generous with loads of minced tomatoes and shredded duck. Pretty good and it is something different from the usual spaghetti bolognese.

Jamie's Duck Pasta

The Chocolate Mousse (RM12.90) is rich in chocolate taste with a velvety texture. This is another notable choice. Quite often, this type of dessert's chocolate taste seem to lacking but this one is rich enough yet not too much. It was just nice.

Chocolate Mousse

The Caramel Custard Tartlets (RM9.90) tasted a little like our very own "tau foo far" or soya bean curd but without the sweetness contained within a filo pastry. Presentation wise it is beautiful but it did not fare so well on the taste department.

Caramel Custard Tartlets

Baked Chocolate Pudding (RM15.90) is definitely one of the best desserts I ever tried. The cookie like topping had a nice . Encased at the bottom is a rich chocolate cake and liquid chocolate which was warm. A side of smooth vanilla ice cream and a combination of hot and cold is simple cosmic! Simply indulgence!

Baked Chocolate Pudding

Do plan to hang out here more in the future. They have lovely cocktails and drinks too!


Lot 72, 73 & 74, 152

Ground Floor, Western Courtyard

(next to TGI Fridays)
The Curve Shopping Centre
Mutiara Damansara

Email: living@atheapartment.com

Phone: Tel: +603.77278330

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poco Homemade Cafe and Atelier @ Jalan Kurau, Bangsar

Poco Homemade is a very nice little quaint cafe located at the quieter corner of Bangsar. They sell handmade things like passport holders, brooches, decorations, bags and many more!

The Exterior

Handmade Menus!

Some of the Products on Sale


The Chicken Katsu Set with Curry (RM14.80) comes with a bowl of miso soup. The fried breaded pieces of chicken was crispy and tasty. Not dry at all. The curry went well with the rice. Simply tasty.

Chicken Katsu Set with Curry

My friend had the Cold Soba with Fried Ebi (RM15.80). I only tried the fried ebi which was ok. This comes with miso soup too just like the Curry Chicken Katsu set.

Soba Cold Noodle with Fried Ebi

The Chicken Katsu Don (RM12.80) was alright for me. The rice came steaming hot with egg topping. The chicken katsu is similar to the curry version but this was soft it was covered with the egg.

Chicken Katsu Don

Chocolate Molten Cake (RM 5.50) was just ok. I expected it to have melted chocolate to flow out but there were none! Taste was is alright. If only it could be warmer and had hot melted chocolate flowing out :(

Chocolate Molten Cake
Check out their coasters! Handmade! The Soya Bean Green Tea (RM 5.50) was an interesting mix. The green tea was not too strong and went well with the green tea.

Soya Green Tea

The Vanilla Ice with Red Bean (RM 5.50) tasted a little funny in my opinion.

Vanilla Ice with Red Bean

Not too sure how this Honey and Green Tea (RM 4.50) tasted like but from the way my friend drank, I think it should be pretty alright :)
Honey and Green Tea

Poco Homemade is such a beautiful cafe with simple Japanese style food. Love the ambiance and parking there is a breeze. Moreover, you can entertain yourself with their very beautiful handmade stuff and buy it. Even their receipts are handmade, with their chop and a hand written thank you note.

No: 1, Lorong Kurau,
Bangsar 59100
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22875688

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bollywood Veggies @ Kranji, Singapore

A farm in Singapore? Well, I get this statement whenever I say that I went to a farm in Singapore :) Went to Bollywood Veggies a LOHAS centric farm. There is an organic restaurant in there called Poison Ivy that I mentioned previously here. Entrance fee is SGD 2 but if you dine in Poison Ivy, you get to go in for free :)

There were all kinds of fruit trees and vegetables like bananas, fig tree (first time in my life), eggplants, bitter gourd, tapioca, various herbs and spices and many many more! Even for banana trees itself, it has more than ten different species of banana trees.

Welcome Sign to the Farm

Banana Tree Fruit

Beautiful Banana Tree Flower

There's even the Singapore's first eco toilet (named Jack-a-loo) where you cover your own dump using soil. So it's actually a dry toilet. Erm..not sure anyone actually used it.

Singapore is not just about shopping :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hortpark @ Singapore

Instead of the usual shopping in Singapore, I was brought to Hort Park to enjoy some natural and green surroundings. Really appreciate the hospitality. Hort actually stands for Horticulture and as the name suggests, this place is actually a one stop gardening hub with small plots of themed gardens by certain companies to showcase their landscaping styles.

One of the more catchy garden concept is the Recycling Garden whereby recycled materials are used for landscaping. Plastic bottles and shoes as pots. A compost bin. Save the environment and it looks cute and unique all at the same time!

Recycled Materials

More Recycled Materials

So Cute!

A shot of the Water Garden

There's this fun "toy" where there is a maze and you are supposed to slide the ball to the middle portion of the maze. It would be a group activity as you need at least two person to move the whole thing.

One of the Fun "Toys"

Organic Spice

There is even a Climbing Garden with large trees all over. On certain days, there will be a tree climbing demonstration but need to check when they have it. Interesting right?

One of the Large Tree at the Climbing Garden

They even have a part where they have walls of different species of plants.

Wall Garden

It's a nice place to walk around as there are different themes of gardens. There's even a roof garden, fantasy garden that is based on the Wizard of Oz and many more!