Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Purple Cane @ Gardens Midvalley

Tea leaf concept restaurant. Pretty neat and they cater to vegetarians too! Even strict vegetarian. Recently we had this sort of "team building" makan session over there and ordered dishes.
We ordered some soup and they are individually portioned. One pot for each person. In fact, it can be shared between two to three person. The cute thing about it is that they serve the soup in a chinese tea pot and tea cup. My manager accidently poured chinese tea into my tea cup to refill but in fact, it's my soup. That is how similar it is! The Wine and Chicken soup is really tasty and it is really clear and non-oily. The concept is pretty similar to the Japanese version where they serve soup in a teapot.

Chinese Tea?

We had the aromatic duck where you individually wrap the duck in a small tortilla like wrap. The concept is really similar to Peking duck with all the sweet sauce, wrap and spring onion except that this one has got non-roasted duck meat and lettuce. Kinda nice too.

Aromatic Duck

The vegetarian dishes are good too. The String Bean with Tea mill is excellent. Tastes great with rice. One of my all time favourite. Abalone Mushroom Fried with Dried Chilli is quite good too. Steamed Beancurd is just ok.

Clockwise from left: String Beans with Tea Mill, Abalone Mushroom Fried with Dried Chilli,
Steamed Beancurd, Aromatic Duck

The steam fish teochew style is not recommended as the gravy/sauce is not flavourful enough. Not sour enough and salty enough.

Steamed Fish Teochew Style

Dessert which is Rose Water Chestnut is nice. Taste light and not too sweet.

Rose Water Chestnut

They do serve set lunch for RM12. Worth it in the sense that they serve rice, one poultry (simmered chicken or simmered duck) and one vegetable (tofu or string beans with tea mill) plus chinese tea. They taste pretty good too and value for money.

The rice they serve is actually similar to Furikake with rice. You can see bits of tea in it. The total cost of dish is about RM200++ for 7 of us. Pretty pricy but quality and uniqueness is there. I forgot to add, Jaya Jusco card members get 10% discount. Cool eh! Oh and do remember, they charge RM3 for each plate of appetiser they serve (stewed groundnuts). You can ask them to take it away if you don't want it and they won't charge you for it.

Situated at Lower Ground of Gardens next to the Ding Tai Fung.

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
Lot LG, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens,
Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-22836090

Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens Midvalley

This is my second time at Sushi Zanmai. We were contemplating between Yuzu or Sushi Zanmai. Sushi Zanmai finally won because it has much more variety and it is cheaper too. Compared to the outlet in One Utama, this is a lot less crowded. However, we had to queue for a short while. There are more seats available for just two diners per table. We were led to this tiny little cubicle hidden from the front entrance of the restaurant. It's a little small but there is more privacy in this type of seating area.

The Seating Area for Two

It is situated near Isetan on the second floor. The total cost of the bill is about RM70 for two. It is my first time trying the infamous natto....healthy food mah :p It wasn't really that bad tasting but it is definitely an acquired taste. They serve it with some fresh sliced squid. The avocado roll taste pretty nice with Unagi and avocado.


Avocado Roll

However, the Gyuniku Enoki Roll did not fare so well. It is basically straw mushrooms wrapped in beef. It is a little too salty especially with the gravy and it has a bitter hint that we do not really like.

Gyuniku Enoki Roll

The Asama sashimi set (about RM30) is really worth it. The fish is thickly sliced, fresh and big.

Asama Sashimi

Definitely make other visits in the future for their sushi and sashimi :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Someone did a Bad Paint Job!

Submitted this to TheStar to try and win their Picture of the Day. It didn't get through. Oh well....

My New Bag

Received a Coach Signature Soft Demi Khaki in Turquoise. My most expensive bag ever :) Thanks!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Thought

Recently I met up with a buddy of mine who recently broke up. It's a little bizarre about what he told me about what goes in a guy's mind.

He told me he could recover the next day and he feels happy. It's a long distance relationship but if he doesn't really like the girl, then why be with her in the first place? Moreover, his complexion is really vibrant and happy. From what I heard, it seems that the girl is really heart broken.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cous Cous

This is what I made for brunch using instant couscous. My second encounter with couscous. The first is at Starhill Gallery's Shook! restaurant when I attended the Web 2.0 seminar by Sun Microsystem. It's easy to cook. Less than 15 minutes. Just boil some water, add in the contents. Remove from heat, leave it for 5 mins. Then separate the grains using a fork and return to heat. Easy! (btw the look of my cous cous can fight with the Starhill one :p)

Instant Couscous with Mushroom, Garlic and Herbs

Raw Couscous

Tada! Cooked Couscous with Sauteed Mushrooms and Sausages

Midfields @ Sg Besi

I went to look at the Midfields show unit during their "exclusive" preview. It's pretty pricy for a leasehold and the size is about 1000 ++ square feet. The access roads are great because it is in the middle of both KL and PJ. The living and dining area is pretty substantial but the rooms are so small. Price range from 238-300++ and it is located next to the highway (noisy) and high power tension cables! This doesn't really rock my boat for that price. I can easily get one with that price around PJ area and freehold. However, their finishing and materials used are really good and looks modern.

Living Room

Dining Room

Master Bedroom



Kopi Bar @ Centerpoint Bandar Utama

Been wanting to try this for quite some time. Kopi bar in Centerpoint! The drinks are a little watered down especially the ice blended coffee. The Coffee with Whiskey tastes pretty alright and the taste of whiskey is really mild. A nice place to hang out as it is not crowded and can get privacy here as is it not as "exposed" as Starbucks. The price is pretty decent too. The Coffee with whiskey RM7.90. Ice blended RM6.50 and the glutinous rice about RM5.50. The glutinous rice taste kinda artificial and not nice at all. So try to skip that if possible.

Ice Blended Coffee

Their Must-Try Coffee with Whisky

Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chinoz @ Gardens Midvalley

Located near Robinsons on the Ground Floor of Gardens, Chinoz serves nice Italian food. It's price range is about RM20-45 per portion.
Nice warm bread with butter is served complimentary. Tried their Creamy Spaghetti with Salmon that cost about RM28. Alway get to try nice and expensive food when my boss is around :p