Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens Midvalley

This is my second time at Sushi Zanmai. We were contemplating between Yuzu or Sushi Zanmai. Sushi Zanmai finally won because it has much more variety and it is cheaper too. Compared to the outlet in One Utama, this is a lot less crowded. However, we had to queue for a short while. There are more seats available for just two diners per table. We were led to this tiny little cubicle hidden from the front entrance of the restaurant. It's a little small but there is more privacy in this type of seating area.

The Seating Area for Two

It is situated near Isetan on the second floor. The total cost of the bill is about RM70 for two. It is my first time trying the infamous natto....healthy food mah :p It wasn't really that bad tasting but it is definitely an acquired taste. They serve it with some fresh sliced squid. The avocado roll taste pretty nice with Unagi and avocado.


Avocado Roll

However, the Gyuniku Enoki Roll did not fare so well. It is basically straw mushrooms wrapped in beef. It is a little too salty especially with the gravy and it has a bitter hint that we do not really like.

Gyuniku Enoki Roll

The Asama sashimi set (about RM30) is really worth it. The fish is thickly sliced, fresh and big.

Asama Sashimi

Definitely make other visits in the future for their sushi and sashimi :)

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