Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mr Pieman @ Hartamas Shopping Center

Mr Pieman!

Having seen Mr Pieman in MidValley Megamall near Carrefour entrance, I never had the urge to try it. Probably because I normally go Carrefour after my lunch, when I am full. Finally one day while walking around Hartamas Shopping Center, chanced upon it and decided to try it.

The Menu

They have two types of pie. One is the normal pie with pastry crust. Another one is the mash potato top. I chose the latter that cost RM3.50 per piece. For the flavours, the basically have three types of filling, namely chicken, beef or vegetable (for both the pastry and potato top pie). I chose chicken.

Potato Top Pie

A Peek at the Filling!

I wished that the mash potato top could be more moist. Not sure it is supposed to be more dry so that it doesn't blend with the chicken filling. Overall it is just ok. The filling is cream based and a little on the salty side. A portion (2 inches diameter size!) for RM3.50 is pretty expensive.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya

Noticed this restaurant when I was around Damansara Jaya area. It is situated next to Damansara Jaya Maybank branch. The first time I went there at around 9 plus in the morning, there was a long line in queue. Decided to go there next time as we were rushing for time. We went there the second time at around 8 am and there was no queue and many places to sit. If we came half hour later, we would have to wait for a place. That's how good business is.

Now to the food. The Steamed Fish Ball (RM3.50) was pretty good and big. Har gow (RM3.50) was just so-so as the skin is pretty thick and the skin was not really moist enough. Siew Mai (RM3.50) was also just ok as I feel that they have added some flour to the meat and did not have the bite or texture of the meat. Just my personal opinion.

Clockwise from left: Fish Ball, Har Gow, Siew Mai

Salad prawn (RM8) was pretty good except that it was really really oily. So take out your tissue paper to wipe off the excess oil.

Prawn Salad with Mayo Dip

I find the Prawn Roll with Jackfruit (RM8) was pretty interesting as this my first time trying this type of dim sum. Surprisingly the jackfruit complements the prawns very well. Unlike the mango roll I tried in other places, it is not overly sweet.

Deep Fried Prawn with Jackfruit Roll

Their fluffy Char Siew Pau (RM4 for two) was excellent. The texture of the pau was so light and the filling very tasty! This was the bested item in this breakfast meal :)

Warm Fluffy Char Siew Pau

Tea is RM 1.50 per person and there is a 5% service charge for the total bill. Personally, I prefer Hong Kee's dim sum overall except for the char siew pau :)

Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
No 59, 61,& 63, Jalan SS22/19
Damansara Jaya 47300
Phone #: 03 7729 6866

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food Republic @ Pavillion KL

Another imported food concept/restaurants from down south. Food republic from Singapore is here. Even the stalls are mostly the same as the Food Republic in Vivo City. Two of the stalls that are similar are Toast box and Thye Hong. It is situated on Lower Ground floor of Pavillion.

Having read about the Oyster Omelette, I went to order it and realised that it is the same stall as the Food Republic in Singapore. The stall is called Thye Hong but their signature dish is their fried hokkien noodle. It is really famous in Singapore but instead I opted for oyster omelette-my fav :) For RM8.90, the portion is pretty alright and they did not skimp on the oysters! They are pretty big compared to those sold at hawker places in KL.

Fried Oyster Omelette from Thye Hong

We ordered Assam Laksa too which is not available in Food Republic Singapore :p The assam laksa noodle is really delicious in the sense that their noodles contains more rice, thus a better texture. The soup is excellent too. Sorry no pictures of it because it was slurped up too fast :p

We had the Vietnamese Seafood salad which was pretty alright. Sour and tangy, it really opens up your palate. However, it wasn't really that outstanding. Not much seafood in there.

Vietnamese Seafood Salad

Ordered the Ais Kacang Special with Durian at RM4.50. It looks nice as in there are many colours but it is not really good compared to the ones outside. The durian taste is a little on the artificial side and they weren't very generous with ingredients like red beans, nuts, atapchi and corn.

Colourful Ice Kacang

The tea and coffee from Toast Box is nice too. However, there was a long wait because they were running out of cups to serve!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Midvalley Boulevard

The restaurant open on the 20 November 2008 and we decided to give it a try on their opening day itself :) Apparently, this is a branch from the infamous Jalan Gasing Chicken rice. The chicken rice is pretty good. The bean sprouts are fat, short and juicy. There are set lunches and their solo serving of chicken rice set includes bean sprouts, chicken (you can choose either roasted or steamed chicken), soup and rice or porridge or noodles. drinks included. It's a deal at RM7.80. There are other set lunches that serves more people too.

The Set A

Set Menu

It is situated at the boulevard area. Opposite Starbucks and Saka Bar. It took over the lot that was Tu Long restaurant.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pork Noodle @ Section 17

Finally, I am writing about my favourite pork noodle place. If not mistaken, it is actually a franchise from Sun Huat Kee Restaurant in Bangsar. I have not tried the one in Bangsar yet but I find that the flat noodles that they blanch here is very nice compared to other stalls that I have tried. Priced at Rm4.00 per bowl, it is a real deal. Will post more about the location and the name of the restaurant later.

Dry Hor Fun Pork Noodle

Resolution of 2009

All these while I have been making new year resolutions. Of course there would be a list, some will be accomplished and some will not. This year, I did not have the heart to make any. After a pep talk from a not so close friend whom I mistook for a good friend of mine (it's a complicating situation, don't ask :p), I decided to make some. Something to look forward to and to fully utilise my time.

  1. Read more
  2. Get my SCWCD
  3. Travel to Hong Kong, Perhentian Island, hopefully Langkawi and Manado this year.
  4. Join more fun runs
  5. Attend more hiking trips, hopefully the Rainbow Falls trip will work out
  6. Drink more water (seems like I have better skin after drinking more H2O)
  7. Be more Sharepoint and .Net savvy
I know I may not achieve all of it especially all the travelling because it is expensive to do so. At least I have something on my list so that I have aims and not just wasting my time.