Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mr Pieman @ Hartamas Shopping Center

Mr Pieman!

Having seen Mr Pieman in MidValley Megamall near Carrefour entrance, I never had the urge to try it. Probably because I normally go Carrefour after my lunch, when I am full. Finally one day while walking around Hartamas Shopping Center, chanced upon it and decided to try it.

The Menu

They have two types of pie. One is the normal pie with pastry crust. Another one is the mash potato top. I chose the latter that cost RM3.50 per piece. For the flavours, the basically have three types of filling, namely chicken, beef or vegetable (for both the pastry and potato top pie). I chose chicken.

Potato Top Pie

A Peek at the Filling!

I wished that the mash potato top could be more moist. Not sure it is supposed to be more dry so that it doesn't blend with the chicken filling. Overall it is just ok. The filling is cream based and a little on the salty side. A portion (2 inches diameter size!) for RM3.50 is pretty expensive.

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