Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soup Spoon @ Bugic Junction

I have been eating too much lately and decided to have a light dinner by having soup and salad. Was interested when I came upon this soup place called The Soup Spoon and we don't have this in Malaysia.

All soups are served with a bun. If not mistaken, you can choose eitehr the normal plain bun or the sunflower seed bun. Chose Mushroom Stragnoff soup (S$6.80) as I saw the person in front of me ordering that and it looks good. The soup is cream based, chunky and have a bite to it. I always like soups with a bite to it as I feel that I am really getting good ingredients in there rather than just watery or diluted broth. It is very filling on its own even with just a small bun to it eat it with. It was a good choice of soup.

Mushroom Stragnoff

Asian Tofu Salad (S$6.70) was not really my cup of tea because I find that they put too much tofu and not enough greens. The sauce is pretty light and it is similar to Thai chili sauce. However, I did enjoy the fried wantan skins they added.

Asia Tofu Salad

The Soup Spoon
Bugis Junction

Basement 1 Unit 04/26(Alight at Bugis MRT station)
Tel No: +652 6238 8601

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ The Esplanade

Max Brenner is a special place for chocolaFont sizetiers or chocoholics :) We have chocolate cafes in Malaysia namely Theobroma and Cocoa (there are more that I don't know :p) Since we do not have a Max Brenner here in Malaysia, off we go to Max Brenner.

What's going to a chocolate cafe if you don't try their hot chocolate drink. Although we were very full from dinner (this is supposed to be dessert but wait til you read the rest of the entry), we couldn't resist trying their Venuzelan Chocolate Drink. It comes in a hug mug. What's a hug mug? It is a mug shaped like a dew drop. The reason for its shape is to enable the chocolate drinker to hug the mug with both hands (not very practical in Singapore as it is already very hot here, normally in cold countries this would be practical because it is cold and one wants to warm their body up with a cup of good ol' hot chocolate).

Hug Mug
Hug From Here

Ordering the Chocolate Fondue (Small size and large size - we chose the latter). They serve three types of chocolate dip. He he..looks cute and pretty colourful. Milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. However, the melted chocolate that they serve is too little as we had a lot of stuff to dip. The best is the milk chocolate dip. Second comes the dark chocolate and last, white chocolate. I am normally alright with white chocolate but this one is too milky and I just don't like it.

Tri Colour Fondue Dip

The fondue comes with marshmallows, banana cake cubes, fresh sliced bananas and huge strawberries. Isn't this too much for three for dessert? :p The fruits were fresh, the cake good too and marshmallows :) I wish they could provide more chocolate dip as it was not enough for all these. You can even treat it as a light meal for three people. We were stuffed to the brim as we had a very filling meal earlier.

Fondue Ingredients

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
8 Raffles Avenue,
#01-06/08 Esplanade Mall,
Singapore 039802
Phone number: +65 62359556

Friday, June 19, 2009

Waraku @ Marina Square

Finally I am able to access my hard disk in my almost-dead-but-managed-to-revive desktop computer. Thus, the continuation of the Singapore series. Waraku is a chain of Japanese restaurants in Singapore. They serve good Japanese food at moderate prices. Usually it will be crowded but due to the economic slowdown, there were ample places to sit. Now let's focus on the positive and talk about the food instead :)

Geso Karaage (S$6.80) which is deep fried squid in light batter was ok. It was crispy and tasty but a little on the salty side. An appetising appetiser.

Geso Karaage

Fancy some minced raw tuna (toro) with plenty of spring onions and shredded seaweed on a bed of rice? Doesn't really sound appetising? Negi Toro Don (S$10.80). Well, it does taste good! I was pretty surprised at how this turned out but one must like raw fish to start with this. The fish was fresh and pretty tasty in my opinion. It does taste a little bland but you can always dip some wasabi and soya sauce or just let the natural fresh fish taste mingle with your tongue.

Negi Toro Don

A Closer Look

Tried the kimchi based hot soup called Chige Nabe (S$14.80). Plenty of vegetables and meat. Soup was spicy at a bearable level. Moreover, there's a stove to keep in warm the whole time so that is stays hot. The soup is pretty addictive and portion big. Suitable during rainy days to fire up your body on a cold day.

Chige Nabe

Let's Stay Warm!
It is indeed delicious yet affordable Japanese food. Don't convert to Malaysian Ringgit la. In one-to-one terms, it is!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Delicious @ Midvalley Megamall

Delicious was a spinoff from Ms Read that sells plus size clothes. In the beginning, it was just a boutique. Eventually, they set up a small area just for food and Delicious was born. Delicious has got a cosy and comfortable concept. A place you would want to hang out as they even lay sofas in certain areas for you to laze and lounge.

Tree o' Lanterns

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM13.90) had a nice chunky texture which was delicious. I always liked those chunky mushroom soup that have a bite.

Wild Mushroom Soup

According to my friend, the Green Curry Chicken with Rice (RM19.90) was good. Well it did smell good too :p

Green Curry Chicken

Grilled Mushroom Sandwich (RM19.90) is a must for mushroom lovers. Sauteed fresh button mushrooms and chunky straw mushrooms with balsamic vinegar was really good (very fragrant!) on a piece of grilled bread. I do find the bread a little tough but still ok. Nice and light sandwich.

Grilled Mushroom Sandwich

The Traditional Tomato Spaghetti (RM17.90) was just ok. It was made strictly vegetarian upon request (my friend is a vegetarian). No garlic and no onion but was decent enough. This place is a good place for customizing your food as in you can tell them not to add certain things and they really keep that in mind. Unlike certain places, they tend to take down whatever you request but do not as was told.

Traditional Tomato Spaghetti

The Spaghetti Cabonara (RM22.90) was excellent. Cream pastas are always excellent here. The cream is rich yet not too thick which suited our palate very well. Plenty of beef bacon in this. Yummy yum yum.

Spaghetti Cabonara

The Classic Chocolate Cake (RM11.90) was excellent stuff. Rich delicious moist cake, covered with warm melted chocolate and topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The combination of both warm and cold was good. The choice of vanilla ice cream was good as the chocolate is already rich enough and the vanilla ice cream tones down the richness of the cake.

Classic Chocolate Cake

The food is on the pricy side but it was really good and so was the ambiance. There is an additional 10% service charge and 5% government tax.

Delicious Midvalley Megamall
Lot G-001, Ground Floor,
Midvalley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2287 5770
Fax: +603-2287 4770

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thye Hong Fried Prawn Mee @ Pavillion KL

Thye Hong is from Singapore and is infamous for its fried prawn mee. Finally, I was able to try it here at Food Republic in Pavillion. Other times, I have only eaten their other food, the oyster omelette. It is served in a piece of leave which has been folded and knitted in a way that looks like a little boat with an opening on one side.

The noodles are actually a combination of both lai fun (rice noodles that you normally find in assam laksa) and yellow mee. So you can get both textures in this with loads of fresh bean sprouts and seafood. Look at those large prawns! This plate of noodle only cost RM7.90) and it has got three of those large prawns. Plus, this is shopping mall price. The gravy is excellent and they gave generous amounts of it.

A Plate of Yummy Goodness

It's not the usual fried noodles. Something different to try. Moreover, the Thye Hong staff at Glutton Street at the Esplanade (Singapore) has already closed down. So do get your dose here ;p

Friday, June 12, 2009

BBQ Chicken @ One Utama Shopping Center

Fried chicken is always associated with being unhealthy. Well, someone did came up with the idea of fried chicken using healthy oil instead. In fact, olive oil. BBQ Chicken is situated on the Ground Floor One Utama Shopping Center New Wing, near Teppenyaki.

Ordered their signature Olive Luxury Chicken (RM14.90) which was crispy and tasty. Taste-wise compared to our common KFC (although BBQ Chicken is more expensive), the fried chicken does not have so much spices but it is not bland. Pretty good in my opinion and it is just different. And healthier too apparently. You can choose the sides of either fries/mash potatoes/ fried mushroom rice and coleslaw.

Olive Luxury Chicken

The Korean Charbroiled (RM17.90) is good too. Grilled chicken fillets with a sweet marinade which was good and even healthier because of its cooking style. Again, it has the same options of sides as above.

Korean Charbroiled

Jerk BBQ Chicken (RM15.90) is similar to Korean Charbroiled but it has a spicier tinge. Also, it has only one piece as compared to the charbroiled one :p

Jerk BBQ Chicken

Rather than just having the usual KFC or Kenny Rogers, this is a good alternative and something different. Moreover, it is healthier and not as oily. Just pricier than KFC and cheaper than Kenny Rogers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Chawan @ Bangsar

Chawan, is a Malay word meaning a cup. Well, the exact spelling of the Malay word would be "cawan" but it is pronounced the same as the shop name. Anyhow, it is a great place to hang out for a cuppa local coffee. I have blogged about this place earlier here.

A "chawan" of Local Coffee

There was a selection of bananas to choose from for the Banana Fritters (about RM4.50). Well, it is a first for me as normally when I do buy banana fritters, we don't get to choose what type of bananas we want. We couldn't decide what we wanted, so we ask the waitress which one is the sweetest and chose that one (cannot remember the name-lah!). The banana fritters was not really sweet but ok. However, it is a little too hard.

Deep Fried Banana Fritters

Deep Fried Prawn Fritters (about RM4.50) tasted good albeit on the oily side. Prawns were generous and the portions was big so it was so worth it.

Deep Fried Prawn Fritters

It is a good place to hang out. I have talked about this place here before and again, I did not eat their mains. It may be a little hot as there is not air condition but airy because it is an open air concept.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

SBread @ Gardens Midvalley

SBread is a quaint little shop situated on LG floor at Gardens Midvalley. it as a single line. Supposed to sound like SSSPREAD :p

The Ambiance

Seating Area

The Nasi Lemak's rice is well flavoured with pandan (screwpine) leaves. It is definitely not those artificial flavouring type but the authentic pandan juice. Generous amounts of peanuts, deep fried anchovies, sambal (curry paste), half a boiled egg and they even give a small serving of acar (pickled vegetables). You can get it in a set with a drink (either coffee or tea) and I will tell you, it's the best coffee I have ever had. It was rich and creamy and so fragrant. It kind of tasted like mocha but it is coffee! Amazing right! This whole set only cost RM4.50! Tasty and cheap breakfast fare (in Midvalley standards).

Nasi Lemak with Pandan Rice (that cup of coffee looks innocent, but it's a killer!)

Charcoal Bread with Kaya Pandan Spread wasn't really my cup of tea. The bread is quite nice. The texture is good and all but I do not like the kaya that tops it. I find that it is too coconut-ty. They are very generous with the spread though. They have breakfast set with toast and a cup of coffee/tea. This set is also RM4.50.

Charcoal Bread with Pandan Kaya Spread

No tax, no service charge!

The Gardens LG 232B,
Lower Ground Floor
Tel: 03-2283 2929
Fax: 03-2283 2229

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Italiannies @ Gardens Midvalley

Set lunch at RM13.90 including soup, main course and drinks at Italiannies. Well, actually it starts from RM13.90. We sort of believed that all the sets are priced at RM13.90 and found out only one set which is the pizza set is RM13.90! Portion size is like the lunch size on the ala carte menu which is still quite big for ladies. We couldn't finish all the food between the four of us and stuffed to the brim! I have talked about Italiannies here before.

The Ambiance

The usual complimentary white and herbed bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.

Complimentary White and Herbed Bread

There were two choices of soup, minestrone or mushroom soup. The mushroom soup was good as it was a little chunky. The minestrone soup was kind of too oily. They green stuff they top it on the soup was something like pesto with loads of olive oil. So that kind of explains the oiliness of it and it didn't really suit my taste bud with all the herbs.

Minestrone Soup

Cream of Mushroom

The Ceasar Salad was pretty ok. The calamari pieces were good. Not too much batter and crispy at the same time. The vegetables were pretty fresh.

Ceasar Salad with Calamari

The Spaghetti Bolognaise was very heavy and salty. It was supposed to be Penne Bolognaise but the Penne was not ready and gave us an option of pasta to choose from. My friend chose the spaghetti. They gave very generous portions of meat and at one time, it kinda looked as if it had more minced meat than noodles. If only it was not so salty, it would have been good. Portion is generous!

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti is on the light side and was quite good. Lightly stir fried with generous amounts of sliced chicken breast, mushrooms and rocket leaves. Pretty tasty in my opinion.

Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti

The Spaghetti Bolognaise and Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti set cost RM19.90. The Ceasar Salad set is RM18.90. Add 10% service charge and 5% tax.