Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ho Kien Pan Mee @ SS19 Subang Jaya

Nice chewy pieces of Mee Hoon Kueh? Well the pan mee served here at Restoran Lian Heng serves just that. Situated across the road from SS19 secondary school.

Restoran Lian Heng

The pieces mee hoon kueh is actually pinched by hand, thus making the texture chewy and soft. The other ingredients in the bowl are pretty basic. No fancy stuff. Deep fried crispy anchovies, sayur manis leaves and minced pork stewed in soya sauce. The broth is sweet, making the whole combination an excellent bowl of pan mee. The price? RM3.80 for a small bowl and RM4.50 for a big one. Affordable!

Look at the Yummy Goodness
Do note that the cleanliness of the restaurant is a little on the not-so-good side. Once, my cousin noticed that they left a bunch of sugar cane stalks on the toilet floor which is going to be squeezed out for its juice. Bluek

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Penang Cafe @ The Curve

It has been quite some time since I last dropped by at Little Penang Cafe. They have another branch in Midvalley Megamall. I do notice that the ingredients that they use are pretty fresh. The interior they tend to imitate the old style Penang coffee shops but this is air conditioned la :p

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken (RM9.80) was pretty good. The currry chicken was cooked pretty well with the spices and they serve fresh sambal (chili paste - the one here uses fresh chilies). The steamed rice was not too rich in coconut which was just nice for me. I don't really like the rice to be too rich in coconut as it will give me a bad case of flatuence!

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken

Being a halal place, normally Prawn Mee (RM9.80) would be served with pork slices. They have substituted it with shredded chicken. The portion is big and the soup is pretty good. The broth was pretty rich and thick. The prawns were big compared to those you would normally find in hawker centers (Of course la..the price more than double :p)

Prawn Mee
On the menu, it actually mentioned that the Fried Koay Teow (RM9.80) will take 20 minutes to prepare. Anyhow we ordered it and it came in less than 20 minutes. Probably like 15 minutes. The prawns are big and fresh. I always liked well cooked and small cockles in this and the ones that they put in here are like that. So suits me pretty well. There are small bits of crab meat in this (the white stuff in the picture). Taste wise it was just ok.

Fried Koay Teow

The Gurney Rojak (RM7.50) was just alright. They use the usual condiments found in fruit rojaks like green mangoes, cucumber, sengkuang and they do add cuttlefish! Just that I normally like crackers to go with it and this one doesn't have it.


I wouldn't mind coming back for the prawn noodle and other dishes. They do serve dishes to go with rice. There is a 10% service charge and 5% govenment tax. No charge for plain water!

Little Penang Kafe
G49, Ground Floor,
The Curve
Tel: +603 - 7726 0215

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Restoran Seri Penang @ Atria Shopping Center

Another one of the many times I come here for dinner. Here is a previous review. However, I did order different stuff this time. Thus, another review of the same restaurant he he. This time we chose the Chef Recommendations as per indicated by a special icon indicated in the menu.

Old Penang Poster

Restaurant's Interior

The Mui Choy Groundnut Tofu (RM10.90) was pretty tasty and there were loads of gravy to go with the rice. The groundnuts were really soft and the mui choy has been stewed well. Pretty good in my opinion.

Mui Choy with Groundnuts

Nyonya BBQ Chicken (RM15.90) is a little on the salty side but was just nice with rice. Oh, there were crispy bits of deep fried sliced garlic (like the ones you find in teppenyaki) which was a really nice addition to the chicken pieces. Pretty good in my opinion. Just that you will need to eat it with rice.

Nyonya BBQ Chicken

The food here has not failed me so far (dishes). However, I have tried their single portion meals like noodle and rice which kind of disappointed me. The ingredients that they use in the noodles and rice was not fresh and that really turned me off.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paddington Pancakes @ Midvalley Megamall

Padding House of Pancakes or also known as PHOP. I wonder when buttermilk pancakes will reach our shores here - tasted them at IHOP in the states and they taste so OMG delicious!

Here we have another substute which is the PHOP (but I still prefer the ones in IHOP much much more, oh well!) Recently PHOP has been introducing this Around the World Set Lunches (RM13.80). Basically it is a two course meal with a theme of a place and a drink. Hey they even have a set for vegetarians too! :D

The Ambiance

The Mexican set tasted very odd. A no-no from my friends and me. I think it is some kind of spice they have added. Basically it is minced beef with tomato base but having tasted anthentic Mexican before, this is not really authentic. The mash potatos tasted pretty good though.

Mexican Set

Not sure how the vegetarian set tasted but according to my friend, it was just alright.

Vegetarian Set

Honolulu Set is a little like a hawaiian pizza but the base is the thin type. If you like hawaiian pizza, you like this :D

Honolulu Set

The Tokyo Set was really huge. According to my friend, it was just so so.

Tokyo Set

San Francisco Set is pretty big. Has got a large piece of fish (Dory - mind you). A vegetable spring roll and mashed potatoes. The fish tastes pretty good (but I have something against Dory fish haha so it really does have to taste good to make me say that it is good)

San Francisco Set

Classic Buckleberry Set was pretty nice. The pancake has blueberries embedded into it but the berries were sour! So pour the honey to cover it up if you don't like the sourish taste. The scrambled eggs with mushrooms are a little too bland but got that fixed with a dash of salt and pepper. The beef bacon was a little on the odd side. Never tried beef bacon like this before and it was just ok. Prefer the traditional ones but pork bacon is still the best! Ha ha :p

Classic Buckleberry Set

The American Set concept is similar to American Breakfast..haha. No pancake burgers :p Three pieces of pancakes (plain ones but yummy) two chicken sausages, baked beans and a small side salad. The chicken sausages we pretty good but the whole main course is a little too small.
American Set

Lastly, there's the dessert which was really good. Nice simply vanilla ice cream drizzled in strawberry sauce with mini pancakes. It was not overly sweet, just nice!

Ice Cream with Mini Pancakes

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Elephant @ Section 17

Nestled at Happy Mansion in Section 17, My Elephant is pretty hidden. It is located at one of the blocks in Happy Mansion (the one closest to the school - can't remember the block name). It can be pretty full so try to make it early or even better, make a phone reservation.

The rice that they serve here is the Unpolished Brown Rice mixed with White Rice. Pretty good and it's healthy! You get unlimited refills for this.

Brown Rice + White Rice

The Thai Spring Rolls were just alright. Nothing really to shout about.

Thai Spring Rolls

The Lemon Grass Grilled Chicken is on the dry side. I wish the chicken would be more succulent and moist. Overall the marinade was good. Just that I find the chicken pieces dry and a little on the unfresh side.

Lemon Grass Grilled Chicken

Som Tam with fish was excellent. The soup is well flavoured with all the Thai herbs and there were generous slices of fish in it. Mind you, it is not the Dory variety but some other type of fish that is really fresh and tasty. You can choose to have the soup with chicken or seafood or fish. I find the fish one really value for money.

Som Tam with Fish

Their vegetable of the day (they have a few varieties but it is normally limited to a few - need to ask the waiter what they have) that we ordered which is Stir Fried Young Fern Shoots with Belanchan was really good. The fern shoots are really tender and well fried. Tasty stuff!

Stir Fried Jungle Vegetables ( Young Fern Shoots)

The total price for the dinner is about RM70+. It is considered a pretty affordable Thai fare. Some of the dishes are good and some are just mediocre. I guess it depends on what you order/ prefer. Pretty nice ambiance too and parking is a breeze!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zhen Liew Siang @ Sentul Raya

After a running session with friends at Kiara, a friend suggested to go Sentul for some finger licking food she read on the blog. Thus, we went to pick a friend up from Jalan Ipoh and proceeded to the place (actually the reason to pick him up is cause he knows the way..hahaha shhhhh - and also his company :) )

Clams in Superior Broth

The clams in superior broth was really good. The clams were fresh and fat unlike some places where the clams are too skinny. The broth is cooked with chinese wolfberries, shredded ginger, if not mistaken some rice wine and it was so good. The chinese wolfberries tasted sweet. We were still slurping the broth til the last drop.

Kale in Two Styles
Kale in two styles was just alright. Nothing really special compared to other places.

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried Chicken Wings with Chinese Cheese (Nam Yue) was pretty alright. The batter is a bit crispy but taste wise it is just ok in my opinion. I feel the chicken could do better is the batter is lesser and crispier.

Banana Leaf Squid and Prawns

The Banana Leaf Squid and Prawns were good. The sauce is really different from anywhere else I have tried. It tasted in between cheese, butter, a little on the spicy side but not too creamy. Oh, they do add some cili padi into it making it so fragrant.

Stingray Curry

The Stingray Curry was really nice. The fish was really fresh. Normally outside, the stingray flesh would be on the tough side. For this, the fish meat was really soft and tender and fresh. Moreover, the curry gravy was good. Not too spicy nor too bland. Just right for out palate. Generous amounts of okra, taufu pok and brinjals are added into this curry dish.

The total damage? With tea for four and four full and satisfied stomachs, RM99.90. Considering the seafood that we had and the portion sizes, it is really worth it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yook Woo Hin @ Jalan Petaling

Fancy dim sum in the early morning downtown near Chinatown? I have always liked the idea of going downtown to pray at the temple, go for good breakfast and shop a little. Visiting Chinatown in the mornings are definitely more pleasant during mornings than night. One of the many reasons is that it is not so crowded, the air is cooler in the mornings after the night and it doesn't have the touristy feel. Although there are lesser stalls to shop from, the stalls are not so neatly pack together. In fact, a car can actually go through the Petaling Street during day time. So plenty of walking places. In fact, locals tend to come out more during the mornings.

Another reason to visit in the mornings would be the breakfast fare that is available. Infamous Chee Cheong Fun, Koon Kee Wantan Noodle, Yong Tau Foo at Madras Lane, crispy deep fried potato balls, Hon Kee smooth Fish/Pork porridges and do get the deep fried chinese cruellers from the nearby stall and many more. Another favourite of mine would be having dim sum at Yook Woo Hin. It is a very well established dim sum place since my mother's days.

Beancurd Skin Stuffed with Fish, Fish Balls

I did not managed to take pictures of most of the dim sum items because they were gobbled up too quickly. Things ran out pretty fast as we arrived there at about 10 on a Saturday morning. However, we managed to grab some fish balls, steam glutinous rice (lo mai kai), bean curd skin stuffed with fish, pork dumpling and steamed rice sheets (really different from others as they do not use the usual soya sauce but a dark thick salty sauce with mushrooms). All of it was good. My sister did notice that most of the people ordered the Big Pau but they were sold out!

Signature Fried Vermicelli
We tried their Signature Fried Vermicelli which looked really deceiving. Looks plain coloured and not much of taste. Boy I was wrong! It was definitely fragrant as there fried dried shrimps, generous amounts of chopped cabbage, eggs, pork slices and squid. The portion is pretty huge for one person. So delicious!
Total price RM28 for all including tea for three. I can't wait to come back here again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Duck King @ Jaya One

Have been wanting to try Duck King for quite some time and finally did. They serve a variety of dim sum, roasted meat, fresh live seafood, chinese dishes and single portion rice and noodles. We arrived there at 11am and decided to have dim sum.

The Restaurant

We were first served stewed groundnuts (not complimentary but cost RM4). Everytime when we go for dim sum, we would normally order the porridge and decided on the Pork and Century Egg Porridge (RM8.80). The consistency of the porridge was really smooth but I find that the shredded pork pieces a little too fine and it does not have a bite when eating it. The century egg pieces are a little scarced too. Overall I find the porridge a little on the bland side.

Pork and Century Egg Porridge
The Barbeque Combination (RM28.80), you can choose a selection of roasted meat like duck, chicken, roasted pork or barbequed pork. We chose the Roasted Duck and Barbequed Pork. The roasted duck has got a crispy skin. The barbequed pork is more on the salty side compared to other places where it is more on the sweet side.

Barbeque Combination
The Siew Loong Pau (RM8.80) also know as Pork Dumplings is pretty tasty. There is quite an amount of soup in the dumpling itself. However, the dumpling skin breaks easily especially when it is lifted up using chopsticks.

Siew Loong Pau

The Egg Tarts (RM4.80) is just ok. The pastry is layered but it is a little on the dry side. I guess it is because they did not use pork lard in the pastry unlike the one from Tong Kee.

Egg Tarts

Steamed Rice Sheets with Prawns (RM9.80) was good. The steamed rice sheets are really smooth. The prawns were really fresh. When the rice sheets were brought out, the sauce was brought out in a small teapot and when they serve it, they only pour out the sauce onto the rice sheets right in front of you. It is eaten with the dried prawn chili paste.

Steamed Rice Sheets with Prawns

Dried Prawn Chili Paste
Restaurant Duck King
8-G, Block M, Jaya One,
No 27 Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7957 9819
Fax: +603-7957 9809