Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zhen Liew Siang @ Sentul Raya

After a running session with friends at Kiara, a friend suggested to go Sentul for some finger licking food she read on the blog. Thus, we went to pick a friend up from Jalan Ipoh and proceeded to the place (actually the reason to pick him up is cause he knows the way..hahaha shhhhh - and also his company :) )

Clams in Superior Broth

The clams in superior broth was really good. The clams were fresh and fat unlike some places where the clams are too skinny. The broth is cooked with chinese wolfberries, shredded ginger, if not mistaken some rice wine and it was so good. The chinese wolfberries tasted sweet. We were still slurping the broth til the last drop.

Kale in Two Styles
Kale in two styles was just alright. Nothing really special compared to other places.

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried Chicken Wings with Chinese Cheese (Nam Yue) was pretty alright. The batter is a bit crispy but taste wise it is just ok in my opinion. I feel the chicken could do better is the batter is lesser and crispier.

Banana Leaf Squid and Prawns

The Banana Leaf Squid and Prawns were good. The sauce is really different from anywhere else I have tried. It tasted in between cheese, butter, a little on the spicy side but not too creamy. Oh, they do add some cili padi into it making it so fragrant.

Stingray Curry

The Stingray Curry was really nice. The fish was really fresh. Normally outside, the stingray flesh would be on the tough side. For this, the fish meat was really soft and tender and fresh. Moreover, the curry gravy was good. Not too spicy nor too bland. Just right for out palate. Generous amounts of okra, taufu pok and brinjals are added into this curry dish.

The total damage? With tea for four and four full and satisfied stomachs, RM99.90. Considering the seafood that we had and the portion sizes, it is really worth it.

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Joyce said...

Just had a family dinner here. Food was really pretty good until we found a FLY in the famous lala soup. The management was quite rude when dealing with us. Told us its not their fault as they got the lala from the market!!! even told us that we should look before we eat!!! I expect more from such a famous restaurant. What a shame as the food is really not bad.