Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Restoran Seri Penang @ Atria Shopping Center

Another one of the many times I come here for dinner. Here is a previous review. However, I did order different stuff this time. Thus, another review of the same restaurant he he. This time we chose the Chef Recommendations as per indicated by a special icon indicated in the menu.

Old Penang Poster

Restaurant's Interior

The Mui Choy Groundnut Tofu (RM10.90) was pretty tasty and there were loads of gravy to go with the rice. The groundnuts were really soft and the mui choy has been stewed well. Pretty good in my opinion.

Mui Choy with Groundnuts

Nyonya BBQ Chicken (RM15.90) is a little on the salty side but was just nice with rice. Oh, there were crispy bits of deep fried sliced garlic (like the ones you find in teppenyaki) which was a really nice addition to the chicken pieces. Pretty good in my opinion. Just that you will need to eat it with rice.

Nyonya BBQ Chicken

The food here has not failed me so far (dishes). However, I have tried their single portion meals like noodle and rice which kind of disappointed me. The ingredients that they use in the noodles and rice was not fresh and that really turned me off.


ladyviral said...

That seems a way tad pricey imo. For that amount of food they serve on the plate.. looks little to me.

Cest La Vie said...

Haha..actually blame on my photography skills! Not the food portion :p The chicken was a little small but the beancurd dish was big :)