Thursday, January 24, 2013


There is deep realization that things may not be the same again. Time flies so fast that we don't realize that things and people do change. What aches the most is when people actually start forgetting who you are, unable to do things that they are able to do just two years back and there is nothing that I can do. What hurts even more is when it is one of your loved ones.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wantan Mee @ Koon Kei Wan Tan Mee, Petaling Street

My all time favourite Wan Tan Mee is located at Petaling Street. It is just next door to the famous Hon Kee porridge. There is another stall in the food court across the street that is also Koon Kee but somehow, somewhat, it does not taste as good as the shop. The one in Damansara Uptown is pretty good too but I still prefer the original Koon Kei wantan mee here in Petaling Street.

Ordered the dry Char Siew and Wantan (Roasted Pork and Dumpling) Noodle which is RM5.50. The roasted char siew is quite lean with a little bit of fat. We indulged in the whole wan tan mee experience without any guilt. The roasted pork although lean, it is still quite moist and not hard. The soup that came with the dry version is pretty peppery and I always enjoy peppery soups. The wantans/dumplings are pretty good too as the fillings in it is well seasoned.

The noodles are springy and unlike some places, it tends to be a bit too soggy or just plain hard. Here it's just nice :) Another plus point to this is that they serve nice pickled green chillies to go with the noodles. Yummy yums. 

 It opens at 10 am every morning and this is one the reason to head down to KL's chinatown in the morning.