Sunday, June 26, 2011

Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese

I used the roasted tomatoes that was mashed from the Roasted Tomato Soup recipe. Froze it in the freezer for future use.

One day I decided to make a very simple tomato based spaghetti using the frozen roasted tomato paste. Added some minced pork and stir fried it with the paste. Salt and pepper is not necessary as it is already seasoned while making the roasted tomato paste.

Top the cooked spaghetti noodles with the mixture and add some shredded cheese. Simple and easy to make.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La Bodega @ Bangsar

All day English style breakfast. A way to perk me up is to have excellent English breakfast on a lazy late Sunday morning. Nice hot toast, juice, good coffee, sausages, eggs and more!

The Pancakes with Maple Syrup was pretty good but could have been better if we had it while it was warm. Was a little to engrossed with the savoury stuff before we could get to it. I sure miss those buttermilk pancakes I had in IHOP last time.


Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon was just alright. It was pretty creamy altogether as the poached eggs were pretty runny, with generous amounts of Hollandaise sauce and plenty of Smoke Salmon. Probably I find it a little too rich with all the creaminess and raw fish.

Eggs Benedict topped with Smoked Salmon

For the English Breakfast I, you have two farm eggs (any style that you would like), two choices to choose from a list, an orange juice and coffee. Sorry, I forgot to take note of what's in the list but we chose the scrambled eggs, pork sausages and turkey ham.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast II has omelette, hash browns and sausages (well this was on another occassion, thus the duplicates :p).
English Breakfast

Definitely one of my favourite, sautéd button mushrooms. I have always experimented on button mushrooms to make them taste like the ones here. As always, it never even taste as good as the ones here. I wonder how they cook this. A definite must order when I am here.

Sautéd Button Mushrooms

Great tasting breakfast and have it al fresco style on a lazy weekend morning.

16, Jln Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru
Tel: 603 2287 831

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chef Low Organic Kitchen @ Boulevard 10

Heard about this place from my colleague who is into the organic food and recommended this place to me. I never really had any good organic food before and this is the first time I enjoyed organic food so much. Even the ambiance is great.

Chew Low Organic Kitchen is located at the back row of white shops (on the left) heading to Damansara toll before the Bandar Utama flyover.

The Mushroom Soup is definitely one of the better mushroom soups that I have had. The soup had a slight chunky taste (suits my palate so well!) and earthly mushroom taste is there.
Yammy :)

Mushroom Soup

Hakka Beancurd (RM10.90) had some bean curd and deep fried bean curd sheets that has been rolled up. This dish is a little salty in my opinion.

Hakka Beancurd

French Bean with Pine Nuts (RM10.90) was lightly fried and topped with pine nuts. Pretty mild in taste but that is how I really liked it. With dishes, you can choose to have white rice or brown rice.

French Bean with Pine Nuts

Classic Carbonara (RM14.90) was nice and light served with button mushrooms.

Classic Carbonara

Basil Fried Vermicelli (RM 10.90) had a lot of shredded vegetables and was pretty wholesome but the basil leave are a little too overpowering. Those who do not like basil should stay away from this.

Basil Fried Vermicelli

The Fruit Tea (RM10.90) was really special as we thought that it was a cold drink. Instead, it is a little warm. The citrus fruits were boiled to produce this fruit tea. This is definitely something interesting.

Fruit Tea

And it is served in tiny cups. Like playing tea time :p

The Cheese Baked Rice (RM10.90) was excellent. The cheese lends a nice salty taste and rice was fried til fragrant with delicious bits of mushrooms and bell peppers. This is even better than the meaty version in some restaurants.

Cheese Baked Rice

Tasty Morsels

The Curry Vermicelli portion was really huge and it is a signature dish. However, I don't personally like it that much as the soup was a little on the diluted side and not flavourful enough. You can even drink the soup without feeling the ickiness of drinking the curry soup as it is not oily.

Curry Vermicelli

The Mango Pudding (RM3.90) was really good. The mangoes were really sweet and the pudding was more like a nice plain pudding taste and complements the fresh mangoes and mango puree. Definitely a refreshing way to end the meal :)
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Mango Pudding

My perception on organic food has changed. Healthy food can be yummy too ;)

C-G-43, Camilia,
10 Boulevard
Tel: +603 7725 7154