Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La Bodega @ Bangsar

All day English style breakfast. A way to perk me up is to have excellent English breakfast on a lazy late Sunday morning. Nice hot toast, juice, good coffee, sausages, eggs and more!

The Pancakes with Maple Syrup was pretty good but could have been better if we had it while it was warm. Was a little to engrossed with the savoury stuff before we could get to it. I sure miss those buttermilk pancakes I had in IHOP last time.


Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon was just alright. It was pretty creamy altogether as the poached eggs were pretty runny, with generous amounts of Hollandaise sauce and plenty of Smoke Salmon. Probably I find it a little too rich with all the creaminess and raw fish.

Eggs Benedict topped with Smoked Salmon

For the English Breakfast I, you have two farm eggs (any style that you would like), two choices to choose from a list, an orange juice and coffee. Sorry, I forgot to take note of what's in the list but we chose the scrambled eggs, pork sausages and turkey ham.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast II has omelette, hash browns and sausages (well this was on another occassion, thus the duplicates :p).
English Breakfast

Definitely one of my favourite, sautéd button mushrooms. I have always experimented on button mushrooms to make them taste like the ones here. As always, it never even taste as good as the ones here. I wonder how they cook this. A definite must order when I am here.

Sautéd Button Mushrooms

Great tasting breakfast and have it al fresco style on a lazy weekend morning.

16, Jln Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru
Tel: 603 2287 831

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