Monday, September 6, 2010

Hortpark @ Singapore

Instead of the usual shopping in Singapore, I was brought to Hort Park to enjoy some natural and green surroundings. Really appreciate the hospitality. Hort actually stands for Horticulture and as the name suggests, this place is actually a one stop gardening hub with small plots of themed gardens by certain companies to showcase their landscaping styles.

One of the more catchy garden concept is the Recycling Garden whereby recycled materials are used for landscaping. Plastic bottles and shoes as pots. A compost bin. Save the environment and it looks cute and unique all at the same time!

Recycled Materials

More Recycled Materials

So Cute!

A shot of the Water Garden

There's this fun "toy" where there is a maze and you are supposed to slide the ball to the middle portion of the maze. It would be a group activity as you need at least two person to move the whole thing.

One of the Fun "Toys"

Organic Spice

There is even a Climbing Garden with large trees all over. On certain days, there will be a tree climbing demonstration but need to check when they have it. Interesting right?

One of the Large Tree at the Climbing Garden

They even have a part where they have walls of different species of plants.

Wall Garden

It's a nice place to walk around as there are different themes of gardens. There's even a roof garden, fantasy garden that is based on the Wizard of Oz and many more!

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