Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prince Cafe @ Midvalley Boulevard

Working in a mall, sometimes we run out of places to eat. Not exactly run out of places but more on running out of places to eat that is more affordable. Moreover, only certain eateries are open for breakfast. It's a nice place to sit down as they have the latest magazines for you to browse and it is not crowded.

One of our favourite breakfast place is in Prince Cafe in Boulevard, situated opposite the Boulevard hotel. This is our favourite economical american breakfast set...hehe. With bacon, an egg, toast, sausage and coleslaw. Inclusive of tea/coffee drink. All for RM6.90. You can choose another combination to replace the bacon with ham.

Breakfast Set Menu

The Bacon Set


cheong-cheng said...

not bad.. looks and sounds nice and not too expensive =)

better than my oats which i am trying to take every morning for breakfast... what to do... want to loose weight.. =(

Cest La Vie said...

Hehe..yea...a mini version of American breakfast. :)

Oats are healthy mah...can lower bad cholesterol some more :) and exercise too to lose weight :) (I only know how to talk..but no action haha)