Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ko Hyang @ Gardens Midvalley

Ko Hyang is a Korean restaurant situated in the Lower Ground (LG) floor of Gardens Midvalley mall. It is not exactly a shop but more of a kiosk. The food here is pretty home made and not too oily or salty. All their mains are served with soup and a side of kimchi and another type of vegetable. Not sure what it was but it was super tasty. You can see it on the Kimchi Fried rice picture clearly. Green shoots and tiny bits of anchovies. It is refillable. Saw some Koreans enjoying the food as well.

I decided to tried the Jap Chae - Glass Noodle with Mixed Vegetables (RM14.90) that is cellophane noodles (similar to glass noodles but thicker and not so slippery) fried with sesame oil and vegetables. They have two choices, either beef or chicken. I chose the latter. Although it looks plain, it was really tasty. The chicken pieces are very well marinated and very tasty. The noodles are very fragrant. It tastes better than it looks :D

Jap Chae

The Kimchi Bokem Kap - Kimchi Fried Rice (RM13.90) is ok. A little on the "wet" side. They serve it with a sunny side up egg on top the rice.

Kimchi Fried Rice

I wouldn't mind coming back to try their other mains. However, guys would find their portions a little small.

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