Monday, May 21, 2012

Tanjung Sepat Road Trip

A good friend recently took me to Tanjung Sepat just to have some seafood and explore the area to celebrate my birthday. Always loved the idea of exploring new places as each and every place has its own unique characteristics. It proved to be an enjoyable trip even if there were only two of us as there were many things to look at. 

Along the Way

Cows Grazing Grass

 Finally we reached Tanjung Sepat after about an hour and half drive from Petaling Jaya. We could tell that we are near the seaside when we started seeing some empty blue spaces in the sky, with nothing blocking the view.

After looking at some of the restaurants, we decided on Ocen Seafood restaurant which sits by the shore so you can enjoy the ocean view and eat. The food was indeed excellent especially the Oyster Omelette. Although the oysters in it are a little small but they compensate in terms of quantity and freshness. The seafood here is cheap and delicious. The total price for three dishes is less than RM40!

Oyster Omelette

Steamed Clams

Our Feast

Tiny crabs are abundant here.


Footprints of the Waves

There were some living creatures in the muck. Mud skippers!


The wooden jetty is always a charming piece in any fishing village. The rough wooden planks placed together, well worn, faded with the rain, sun and saltwater, the wear and tear of shuffling feet carrying baskets of sea harvests onto the land and most of all, it is always almost never, perfect. Some planks may go missing, some a little broken and some may even give you a feel of a see saw when you walk on them.


Fishing boats by the jetty. My friend was really curious with how the fishermen actually get down to their boats as the platform of the jetty is well over about 8-10 feet above the fishing boats. So happened that one of the fishermen was checking out on his boat and curiosity finally got into my friend and asked. 

Moored Fishing Boats

The fishermen has to climb down using those large logs (made from coconut tree trunks) and slide down. I was definitely impressed on their agility as it was a little high and any fall, you would end up in the water!
Fishing Tools

We saw two brown dogs when we were there. They definitely look healthier than a lot of domestic dogs as there are plenty of space for them to exercise and explore. One was really having fun, chasing mud skippers and running  in the water. He looked so happy :)

Playful Dog

Splashing Fun Time

There was this famous shop that sells Mui Choy Pau (preserved mustard greens buns). We had to wait nearly an hour for it and the customer before us bought over RM300 worth of paus.

Busy Making Paus

On our way back, there was event going on or rather, it was ending. A sailing competition! Interesting to see so many sails with younger participants with much smaller sails towing their sail boats onto land and washing them.


And More Sails!

After driving a little further down, we saw some dead mangrove trees and it looks so picturesque. So we stopped the car and got down. Some traps were laid in the water and saw a trapped snake.

Trapped Snake

Beautiful View
Tanjung Sepat is indeed an idyllic town with great and affordable seafood. Once again, thanks for planning this :)

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