Sunday, August 10, 2008

SS20 Fish Head Noodle

This afternoon, I tried the fish head noodle in SS20 or also known as Damansara Kim after reading reviews from some other food blogs.

The portions are big and they also serve huge pieces of fish meat. I ordered the Soong Fish Head noodle with Lai Fun that cost RM7.50. I was disappointed with the taste of it as the soup is bland and the fish meat has a very strong fishy taste. Being a little ignorant, thinking that lai fun is the coarse vermicelli, I ordered that. It turned out to be the noodle commonly used in assam laksa. In my opinion, the texture of the noodle is not suitable for fish head noodle.

Soong Fish Head is normally chosen for this dish because the head has a thick layer of skin and fat on the head. The Soong fish head is more prized than the meat itself due to this reason.

I guess I should not rely too much on food blogs on whether the food is good or not. Or probably it's just of different tastebuds.

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