Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saba Restaurant @ Cyberjaya

An initial plan to go Al Jazeera because of a recommendation from a friend was changed because the place has closed down! Instead, walked down the row of shops to the other end where Saba is. Thus, we had middle eastern fare here instead.



Barbican (RM 3) is a non-alcoholic malt beverage that comes in several fruity flavours. However, it doesn't really taste like beer but more like soft drinks. There is peach, lemon, passion fruit, apple, pineapple, raspberry and lime.


Hummus (RM5) is chickpea paste dip and the one in Saba is seasoned with olive oil and black pepper served with flat bread. It has a little sour taste maybe due to lemon juice. Loved the creamy texture but don't really fancy the taste. Someone actually said that the texture is like peanut butter!


Chicken Hanith with Rice (RM10) set is wrapped in aluminium foil with spices. The rice used is the Basmati variety where it only swells sideways when cooked and the grains are separated. Butter is also used in the rice. The chicken is well spiced but it is a little too dry. The rice is very dry due to the nature of Basmati rice.

Chicken Hanith with Rice

A Closer Look

Grilled Chicken with Rice (RM10) is also served with the same rice as the Chicken Hanith. The grilled chicken is juicy and a little charred on the outside that lends it a little smoky flavour.

Grilled Chicken with Rice

Overall the food here is on the dry side. No service charge or tax!

4800 Suite 02 Ground Floor
CBD Perdana
Tel No: +603-8320 2544

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