Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hakka Lui Cha @ Oasis Food Court, Midvalley

What is healthy and delicious at the same time? For me, I would answer Lui Cha or literally translated from Cantonese, Thunder Tea. Oasis Food Court in located in the Center Court of Midvalley Megamall of what used to be their IT retail center. Look out for the stall that sells Pan Mee and Lui Cha.

A Bowl of Hearty Goodness

For the price of RM 6.80, you get a nice steaming bowl of mint soup and a bowl of rice with lui cha condiments like cubed beancurd, preserved radish, pounded and fried dried shrimp, sayur manis, peanuts, onions and others which I cannot really tell as everything is mixed together. You can choose to pour the green soup into the bowl of rice or just drink it directly as a soup bowl. Some people fear the strong minty taste in the soup but this one here just have a slight hint of mint.

One phrase sums this: tasty, cheap and healthy!

Oasis Food Court
Second Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall.


+wen said...

just discuss Lui cha at Tmn maluri, taste good n healthy..& i ate b4 at kepong food court

Surprisingly mid valley food court have it...tog it wont exist in shopping centre :>

Cest La Vie said... is the Kepong one? Update me when we meet up. So far I tried twice and so far, the MV one is my fav ;)

Gigacomm said...

There is one in PJ old town which is very good and authentic.The restaurant is next to the Jin Xuan Restaurant(Dim Sum) PJ Old Town branch.

Cest La Vie said...

Thanks for recommendation! Definitely will go there and try soon :)