Friday, June 19, 2009

Waraku @ Marina Square

Finally I am able to access my hard disk in my almost-dead-but-managed-to-revive desktop computer. Thus, the continuation of the Singapore series. Waraku is a chain of Japanese restaurants in Singapore. They serve good Japanese food at moderate prices. Usually it will be crowded but due to the economic slowdown, there were ample places to sit. Now let's focus on the positive and talk about the food instead :)

Geso Karaage (S$6.80) which is deep fried squid in light batter was ok. It was crispy and tasty but a little on the salty side. An appetising appetiser.

Geso Karaage

Fancy some minced raw tuna (toro) with plenty of spring onions and shredded seaweed on a bed of rice? Doesn't really sound appetising? Negi Toro Don (S$10.80). Well, it does taste good! I was pretty surprised at how this turned out but one must like raw fish to start with this. The fish was fresh and pretty tasty in my opinion. It does taste a little bland but you can always dip some wasabi and soya sauce or just let the natural fresh fish taste mingle with your tongue.

Negi Toro Don

A Closer Look

Tried the kimchi based hot soup called Chige Nabe (S$14.80). Plenty of vegetables and meat. Soup was spicy at a bearable level. Moreover, there's a stove to keep in warm the whole time so that is stays hot. The soup is pretty addictive and portion big. Suitable during rainy days to fire up your body on a cold day.

Chige Nabe

Let's Stay Warm!
It is indeed delicious yet affordable Japanese food. Don't convert to Malaysian Ringgit la. In one-to-one terms, it is!


ladyviral said...

Japanese food? o.O Looks like Korean to me lol. Waa Marina Square, I haven't been there for ages.

And congratualtions on merely saving your dying Hard Drive. Better save all the things neede dout before goes kaput again.

molly said...

Hi, first time here and like your blog. Nice food, nice food everywhere!

Cest La Vie said...

ladyviral: yea you are right. All the kimchi and stuff but it's jap..hmmmm..yes the place looks old too! Thank god for that and I bought an external HD to backup. There my $$ flies!
molly: Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading it too ;)