Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Loaf @ Bangsar Village II

Fancy bakeries have been springing about lately. Having had a good experience at The Loaf in Pavillion previously, I am glad that they opened one nearby in Bangsar Village II. A plus point about the outlet in BVII is that the place is not as congested as the one in Pavillion and there is service provided where they will take your order but that is if you know what pastry or bread that you want. The dining in area and bakery is combined thus, have your bread and order mains.

I remembered how good the Chocolate Croissant pastry was and wouldn't miss the chance to order it again. Melted in chocolate in the middle cupped with flaky pastry. Definitely a must for chocolate lovers. However, the melted chocolate was a little too cooled down hence, the chocolate did not flow as fluidly as how it was when I first tried it. The taste is still good though. And the Pan Cream which was deliciously light and fluffy. Goes really well with the cream custard in it.


Chicken Meatloaf in Brown Sauce (RM 26). The meat was juicy and well flavoured but I would definitely prefer it if it was beef. They didn't have beef on that day itself.

Chicken Loaf in Brown Sauce

Albeit a little pricy but the quality and taste is there. The Bangsar Village II outlet is a nice and quiet place to hang out.

GF-2 & 5, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Villa II
2, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru,
Tel: +603 2282 1769


+wen said...

go at dinner time ? nv ask me lucky i bring myself :D
some1 can cook soup, chicken torimahu...but din share :p

Cest La Vie said...

Not dinner time but tea time...haha you should have tried when you were in Langkawi, that is the first branch :)

Can cook but doesn't mean taste good. Let me try to improve first :p