Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soo Kee @ Ampang

Was over in Ampang to check out a dive shop. Since it was noon time and lunch time, it wouldn't be surprising that one will feel hungry by then :p Scouted around the area for makan place. Saw some good restaurants like Ma Maison (finally found it), Las Carrestas which I went before and was good, Brussels and a few more restaurants. Anyhow, we ended up at Soo Kee Restaurant. We weren't sure of what to order and asked if there is any Wantan Noodles. They said no wantan noodles but rather they have Char Siew Noodles and that's when we say yes and make that two.

The noodles were pretty alright and for the sauce of the noodle, they actually add deep fried pieces of crispy pork skin. It's delicious (this is coming from a person who like deep fried pork lard) but my friend finds it a little too oily. I like the Barbequed Pork very much. The meat is tender, juicy, succulent and well marinated. The only bad thing is that some of the pieces have a big layer of pork fat. Probably should have told them to give us a bit more leaner meat.

Overall, it was tasty and liked it. However, it's expensive for a barbequed pork noodle as it cost RM8 per place well above the standard price outside. After doing some googling, apparently this place is famous for their barbequed meat and their non-people-friendly prices as well.

No. 373-1
4th Mile
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur


+wen said...

look goods for char siew...
there is a place located near by sg way..test the char siew next ok ?

Cest La Vie said...

okies..let's go :)