Saturday, November 15, 2008

3JC @ One Utama

I have been wanting to try this pork ball noodle in One Utama Shopping Center (situated opposite Wong Kok Char Chan Teng). I am a pork ball fan :p They have many varieties of pork ball noodle like Curry Pork Ball Noodle, Dry Pork Noodle and a few more that I cannot remember. Price range is about RM7.90 to RM8.50) . First you get to pick the flavour like curry, dry or soup. Then pick the type of noodle.

Dry Pork Ball Spinach Noodle

Tried their signature Dry Pork Ball Noodle with Spinach Noodle. The spinach noodle is different than the ones that you normally get which is thin like Wan Tan noodle. This one is thick. Spinach flavour is too mild to my liking.

Personally, I feel that I rather go get my dosage of Pork Ball Noodle at the stall in Section 17. Near the morning market. Way cheaper and nicer.

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cheong-cheng said...

I AGREE!!!! Seksyen 17 pork noodle really is good! Thanks for taking me there for my first time! Really love it and went there many times before i left Malaysia... miss it! =(