Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Leo's Cafe @ SS2

Had a last minute dinner appointment over at Leo's Cafe in SS2. Wanted to try it for quite some time. It's pretty affordable. can get a meal for like RM10 per person. However, portions are a bit small. For ladies it is just nice, guys umm...a bit too little. They were having this set meal that consists of Butter Yee Mee (quite tasty although it sounds weird) and a cucumber juice drink (which is not bad too). My friend's Bucket Rice is really small. So big eaters gotta order two of it at least to fill up their tummy. The indoor seating area is too small and we had to resort to dining outdoors al fresco style with ciggie smoke.

Ice Lemon Tea

Cucumber Juice

Butter Yee Mee

Bucket Rice


cheong-cheng said...

Cucumber juice and butter yee mee sounds great! Wish pictures could tell taste as well =(

Cest La Vie said...

Next time when you are need to look at pics anymore..can get to taste! :)