Saturday, November 15, 2008

To Change or Not To Change

It has been two years that I have been working in my current company. In fact, it is the longest staying company that I have been in.

Speaking to those people who job hopped all their lives, they say if they meet a great boss, they will not change their job. I have met a great boss (a boss who gives us 24" LCD screens when we request for it without questions asked) but if the tasks are becoming too mundane and there is no challenge in my work, I think I should do something about it. Work that is passed over from the US, doesn't really give me the challenge that I need. This doesn't really give value to my CV. I am still at the stage where I can still accept challenge and it serves as a brain stimuli.

Having a nice boss is a factor but a nice boss who has the power and authority to take action is really good. My ex-boss is a good boss but he doesn't have enough authority.
The soon-to-come economy crisis is another factor to consider. Recession is inevitable in these times as it is a global phenomena although our dear politicians are still in denial.

My ex-boss taught me how to weigh the pros and cons of switching to another job. This is how you do it. Put in weigh in terms of priority. Each person will have different sets of priority. At the end, total up the number that you set for your priorities and compare between both. I think it works. In fact, quite a number of management people use this way to make decisions by making them quantifiable.

I will need to do my own analysis soon.

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