Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Promises to My Dog

I just caught this Japanese movie, 10 Promises to My Dog at GSC 1Utama. It's such a heart warming show and yet very saddening as there are deaths in the show. It is about a 14 year old girl who received a puppy, Socks as a present as she is really lonely most of the time. Her dad is a aspiring surgeon and mother who is sick with cancer. In condition of having a puppy, she promised to live up to the 10 promises.

This movie made me ponder. I have always wanted a dog but I am ready for it? Once I was offered a Shih Tzu but I was worried that I may not be ready. Having a dog, you must always nurture properly it at a young age. If wrongly taught, it is not reversible. It's like a permanent knot. Anyhow, the show taught me that for every happiness that you get, you must be able to accept the pain that comes with it. In this case, the death of her dog. If I am planning to get a dog, I would need to ask myself whether I am able to accept the pain that comes if I ever lose it. Looks like I am really not prepared for it at all.

* DAMNIT, the puppy looks so freaking adorable..huk huk..i want!


cheong-cheng said...

Hey! This movie sounds good!!! Is the movie in Japanese with english subtitiles?.. i hope they will show it here but i doubt it... just by reading what u wrote makes me wanna tear... =~(

Cest La Vie said...

Yes it's a Jap movie with English subtitle. Hmm..they don't sell Jap movies in Aus?
Yea my eyes were flooded when I was watching it..