Friday, May 15, 2009

My Elephant @ Section 17

Nestled at Happy Mansion in Section 17, My Elephant is pretty hidden. It is located at one of the blocks in Happy Mansion (the one closest to the school - can't remember the block name). It can be pretty full so try to make it early or even better, make a phone reservation.

The rice that they serve here is the Unpolished Brown Rice mixed with White Rice. Pretty good and it's healthy! You get unlimited refills for this.

Brown Rice + White Rice

The Thai Spring Rolls were just alright. Nothing really to shout about.

Thai Spring Rolls

The Lemon Grass Grilled Chicken is on the dry side. I wish the chicken would be more succulent and moist. Overall the marinade was good. Just that I find the chicken pieces dry and a little on the unfresh side.

Lemon Grass Grilled Chicken

Som Tam with fish was excellent. The soup is well flavoured with all the Thai herbs and there were generous slices of fish in it. Mind you, it is not the Dory variety but some other type of fish that is really fresh and tasty. You can choose to have the soup with chicken or seafood or fish. I find the fish one really value for money.

Som Tam with Fish

Their vegetable of the day (they have a few varieties but it is normally limited to a few - need to ask the waiter what they have) that we ordered which is Stir Fried Young Fern Shoots with Belanchan was really good. The fern shoots are really tender and well fried. Tasty stuff!

Stir Fried Jungle Vegetables ( Young Fern Shoots)

The total price for the dinner is about RM70+. It is considered a pretty affordable Thai fare. Some of the dishes are good and some are just mediocre. I guess it depends on what you order/ prefer. Pretty nice ambiance too and parking is a breeze!


molly said...

Sometimes I have to go round and round to find something nice to eat. May be I should swing in whenever I am lost about what and where to eat next time. :)

Cest La Vie said...

Yea sure :) The food places I write about is normally around PJ area as it is where I am usually at. Thanks for visiting.