Monday, September 29, 2008

Bonjuk @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Fancy some healthy porridge? Bonjuk situated at Desa Sri Hartmas, offers all kinds of healthy korean porridge. Seafood, vegetable, oyster and mushroom and many more...

Seafood Porridge

Kimchi and Octopus Porridge

The texture of the porridge is more of the grainy type and topped with roasted sesame seeds and pounded seaweed. It comes together with 3 other types of side dishes cabbage Kimchi, a type of beef jerky and a type of mashed ginger kimchi. Tried the Kimchi and Octopus as well as the Seafood porridge meal. The seafood porridge in my opinion tastes a little bland and they have very little ingredients. Their prawns are like so minuscule and the most I can see are carrots and spring onion. I like the Kimchi and Octopus porridge as the porridge is pretty tasty and the octopus goes very well with it.It cost RM12.90 for the Kimchi and Octopus porridge and RM15.90 for the Seafood porridge. Both are Medium sized portions and pretty filling for ladies. They serve sky juice.

The place has a nice ambiance but feels a little warm though.

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