Monday, September 29, 2008

Hiking at Forest Research Institute (FRIM)

What to do on a lazy weekend? A healthy alternative would be going to FRIM situated in Kepong. It cost RM1 per person per entry and if you are bringing in your car, an additional RM5. If you would like to get their annual pass (for cars) with unlimited access, it would cost RM8.


The place is well maintained and the small streams provide clean and fresh water to wash up after a long hike. There is even a Malay Teahouse that serve authentic malay food. Entertain yourself to a game of Batu Seremban(5 stones) or congkak or even checkers using the traditional bottle caps.Their Rendang Tok Janggut tastes good. Cost RM8.50 per piece and additional of RM1.20 per piece of ketupat. Their Mee Rebus did not fare so well at RM7.50. Service is very little slow though.

Table Setting at the Malay Teahouse

A perfect place to do a healthy hike and leisure.

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