Monday, September 1, 2008

Hair Kunst @ The Curve

After downloading the MyStyle voucher (to get 50% off hair services) and delaying my appointment a few times, I finally went there.

The place is a little hidden, above Waroeng Penyet. Need to take a lift up that only serves that floor. You can choose to have few types of drinks like tea, green tea or coffee.

My hairstylist was Qamal. He was friendly but wasn't too accommodating when I was trying to make the decision on hair colour and style. Moreover, there is not much change in style after the cut. In fact, it looked practically the same except for the colour. He did a good job with the colour though.

I saw this other stylist, if not mistaken is Bambang. I read from other blogs that he is really good. I saw the way he explained to the customer when choosing colours, he is really good. He even show them how it looks like under the light, explaining why he wants to do certain things to suit the face, etc etc....

If I ever go Hair Kunst again, I will request for his services. It is cheap with the MyStyle voucher RM177.50 for colour, highlight and cut!

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