Thursday, September 25, 2008

Restaurant Bao-Bao @ Aman Suria

Pan Mee shops are getting popular. The normal traditional noodle has evolved from plain soup to Chili versions and most recently, another version by Restaurant Bao-Bao. How different is it? Well for a start, they put in pork slices and 2 small meat balls. Instead of putting in minced meat and anchovies, they put a type of fried crispy stuff that taste really good. This is their signature pan mee.They do have another two other types of Pan Mee which is the traditional version and a new Garlic Pan Mee (yet to try it!). They have four types of chili to go with. Their sambal is good. Sourish and spicy.

Signature Soup Pan Mee (It tastes better than it looks!)

Pork Chop

Business was so good they ran out of tables and customers had to wait for a place. The pricing is really affordable too and I would come back here again for a nice bowl of pan mee. Parking was a breeze at night.
RM4.80 for a small bowl of signature pan mee, RM2.20 for a small bowl full of minced meat as the side (portion enough for 3-4 person) and they charge RM0.30 per glass of sky juice.

**Updates** I went there again. This time, managed to take pictures. They offer a new item which is deep fried pork chop as a snack. Cost RM3. Tastes yummy too!

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