Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marriage is just a Piece of Paper?

I have been pondering, does marriage equal to just a piece of paper? Some say, its to legally bound two person, some say to give self more security, some say just to satisfy their own parents, some say it's for convenience eg: to migrate elsewhere.

For centuries, people get married and marriage wasn't just a piece of paper. Depends on how you perceive it I guess but I do personally think that it is a symbol of unity and commitment to each other.


cheong-cheng said...

Yeah agree with you!.. To me marriage is not just a piece of paper but when two person is commited to marriage, their concept and priorities of being together changes.. i.e they will be committed to one another as husband and wife instead of thinking, 'Oh, i still have the freedom to choose who i want to be'..

However, i am not saying that all marriages will last.. but at least both parties will try their best too... make sense? =)

Cest La Vie said...

yea it are right. It's about both parties working together for a common takes both hands to clap...

I hope you will have a great loving life ahead of you! :)