Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seri Penang @ Ikano Power Center

What used to be Fasta Pasta has now been replaced with Seri Penang that serves Nyonya Penang food.
They sell dishes and single portion food like rice, stir fried noodles and soup noodles. Their pricing is a bit like Madam Kwan's type. Not cheap but portions are big.

I tried their Penang Char Fun with seafood which is Wat Tan Hor and Nasi Lemak. It's pretty tasty but not something that I would crave for (esp when they are so many other nyonya food restaurants dotting the Klang Valley). During Ramadan time, they are giving complimentary Air Bandung drinks. The pricing is as follow

Penang Char Fun RM12.90
Nasi Lemak RM12.90
Sky Juice RM1.50
+ 10% service charge

The waiters and waitresses are friendly.

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